Nina Zem
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Whether we knew it or not, Nina has always been in the public eye. Although she remained private, her Instagram account was a real archive to discover who she was. Growing up, Nina was free to explore her creativity, free to master her already flourishing artistic skills. And, having an actor as a father helped her dig into her sensitivity to art. So, she tried everything. From painting to acting and modeling… It all led her to create, at only 24, her own pottery/ceramics (which she often shares on her Instagram account), but also play in the 2022 French movie “Les Miens”.  


Expanding her mind equals being curious about her surroundings, and she's able to add to her list of accomplishments a Masters degree in psychology she got in June 2022, proving she's empathetic and in touch with other people's emotions.

As a young ceramist, she’s inventive and thinks out of the box, offering fresh and colorful designs that keep pointing at her roots and family background. But as mentioned before, Nina’s power doesn’t only lie in her artistry. She has this unique ability to make everything seem effortless. As a model, she embodies the new woman, free and confident. From her first catwalk in 2018 to her AMI campaign in March 2023, Nina seems unstoppable. 

She can be called an actress, a model, or an artist. Having multiple talents is as easy as breathing for Nina, and through her many experiences, she became a fountain of feminine vitality where young women her age, and even herself, can always go back to when they need to find inspiration.