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01 Nov 2023 / London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris

Amiah K. Miller • SSAW Autumn Winter 2023-2024

Few cosmetic maneuvers outside of surgery hit like bleaching the brows. “Our brows give structure to our face by defining the lines of the bones underneath them and often, bleached brows makes one’s eyes look rounder or bigger because we’re allowed to see the full space it takes up without the perimeter of a brow,” explains makeup artist William Scott speaking with Vogue. The transformation, he says, can reveal aspects of beauty otherwise obscured by a full brow. Unlocking possibilities of such magnitude are in the offing for Amiah K. Miller in the latest issue of SSAW in a sprawling story by photographer Clara Balzary and stylist Pau Avia. Photographed this summer in Los Angeles in and around the golden hour, the 16-page story opens with the immediate conceit of Amiah’s bleached brows. The young beauty as a result is positively radiant. Wearing long crystal earrings in brass and crystal by Atlein, dark brown patch-worked shearling long coat and hot pants in wool gaberdine by Ferragamo, black sheer tights by Wolford, and leather gold ballerina by Abra, Amiah (pictured) soaks up rays with an upturned face, eyes shut. Hers is a canvas pure, neither furrowed nor knitted, the consummate upside to obliterating the brows. 

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Credits include: Publication, SSAW Autumn Winter 2023-2024; Photography, Clara Balzary; Styling, Pau Avia; Hair, Tiago Goya; Makeup, Kali Kennedy; Production, Cat Lewis, Brad Eisenhauer, Rhianna Rule; Casting, Noah Shelley