Leah Kate
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Leah Kate writes pop/rock anthems that cut to the bone. Pairing booming, radio- friendly choruses

with dizzying hyper-specific detail, her songs are intimate, relatable and razor-sharp – the sort of tracks that resonate

with listeners around the world. With the success of the biting break up song “10 Things I Hate About You,” the Los

Angeles native is realizing her dreams of pop stardom by reaching into the innermost feelings and sharing them with

us. It’s the perfect introduction to pop's most candid new voice. A snippet of the track went nuclear on TikTok and

Kate was inundated with requests for the full song. Days later, “10 Things I Hate About You” was out and it zoomed

past 20 million streams in its first month.

Since taking her first singing lesson at 5, Kate knew that music was her destiny. Even when it was hard to muster the

motivation for school and work, she always hustled as a songwriter. And when the pandemic hit, she went all in. She

penned the empowering “Fuck Up The Friendship,” which eventually found an audience on TikTok. Feeling

momentum building, Kate got to work. She found her sound with

“F U Anthem” (another ode to the chump who inspired “10 Things”), and she began to marry crushing rock riffs to

sugar-rush choruses. Now the singer’s long-awaited pop vision is coming true. Proving people wrong is just a bonus:

“I spent so much time concerned about other people’s opinions – and now I don’t care. I’m living my dream.”