Dylan Geick
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Dylan Geick is a wrestler, social media star, and a published author,
who made headlines after coming out as bisexual. While confessing about one’s sexuality may seem common, it is
definitely rare for a school-going wrestler to come out the way Dylan did. Since he was brave enough to come out
without fearing much about his superlative wrestling career, a popular website, ‘Outsports,’ published an article about
him, making him an internet sensation almost immediately. With more than 600,000 followers on his Instagram page
and over 129,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Dylan is one of the fastest growing internet stars. Apart from
being an awesome wrestler and social media sensation, Geick is also a published author, with two books published
to-date. Dylan embarked on the Thomas John Bauer Walk, a 2,400+ mile pilgrimage across America in support of our
nationwide community of veterans and first responders. This journey was to honor his late step-father, Thomas John
Bauer, who devoted his life to serving both in the U.S. Army as an infantryman pre and post 9/11, and later as a
paramedic and firefighter across multiple communities. He got attention first from his NY Times Piece, Then
landed his first magazine cover with V Magazine, and his next fashion cover with Man About