Emira D'Spain
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Emira D’Spain is a New York City-based TikTok star and Victoria's Secret
Model, known for her comedic makeup “Get-Ready- With-Me” videos on
TikTok. The transgender model and internet personality has amassed
over 1 million followers by talking about her beauty tips, fashion dating,
friendships, and life in NYC. Emira starred on the cover of GALORE
Magazine as ’TikTok’s It-Girl’. She was most recently featured on PAPER
Magazines cover.

After becoming the first black transgender model to work with Victoria’s
Secret, Emira wants to continue making history and paving the way for
the LGBTQ+ community. She has worked with brands from NARS, La Mer,
Google, Anastasia Beverly Hills, SONY, and more. Emira is also the former
Beauty Director of PAPER, where she created beauty content for their site

and socials.