Joey Gaston
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Joey Gaston has a big season ahead of him—he’s the new and highly-vaunted quarterback for Iona Preparatory’s varsity football team. Following a move from New Jersey to Westchester, not far from where he grew up in The Bronx, Joey’s resolve is sure to be tested on field and off.

Joey is unphased, however. “Football keeps me motivated to be the best student I can be, the best teammate I can be, and the best person I can be.” An athletic 5’8, Joey has been hailed as “one of the best athletes” for his position in New York State despite his stature. Because of that skepticism, Joey, like many in his generation, isn’t shy about occasionally roasting doubters and naysayers on TikTok. Whatever rankings yield this season, Joey Gaston has all the makings of a winner.