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07 Dec 2023 / London, Madrid, Milan, Paris

Nikki Vrekic • Re-Edition Nº20 Autumn Winter 2023

“I started taking pictures in 1986. And I decided to stick to a simple approach, which meant doing pictures in a way that was less about taste and was more about making images that were as plain or neutral as I could make them,” explains Swedish photographer Anders Edström. “Just a roll of film in the camera exposed normally. Not trying to look interesting. Just photographing in a straightforward manner.” In the 1990s this novel approach in part lead to Edström working with Martin Margiela as well as Olivier Zahm on his then new magazine Purple. Some 30 years later Edström continues in much the same vein and not least with the latest issue of Re-Edition that features Nikki Vrekic on its cover.

On the back of her debut season in which she began as a Prada exclusive comes what is Nikki’s first ever magazine cover. The corresponding cover story photographed on a Swedish island this past October is truly arresting, not the typical fashion magazine fare. Far from it, this sprawling spectacle situates Nikki quite literally in the thick of it. Statuesque, Nikki (pictured) emerges from the leafy backdrop wearing a Rabanne dress. The garment’s chandeliered texture glimmers in the sunlight and jangles with movement—this dress like its nymphean subject Nikki demands to be seen and heard. 

Credits include: Publication, Re-Edition Nº20 Autumn Winter 2023; Title, “Freely, unencumbered by the fences of flesh and bone”; Photography, Anders Edström; Styling, Jodie Barnes; Grooming, Matt Mulhall; Production, Artistry Global and Hello Production; Casting, Julia Lange Casting.