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05 Dec 2023 / Los Angeles, New York, Paris

Fisher Smith • Zara Origins “Play It Again”

“I need a chill night,” implores Fisher Smith. “I want to sleep for once.” Fisher’s pal has other ideas and together the pair make their way through the rainy Miami night for the recording studio to air a new track. The evocative black and white short film titled “Play It Again” trails the new Origins collection by Zara. Launched a couple years ago, one of more than 20 collections Zara produces annually, “The aim [of Origins] is to conceive, create and offer garments which are newly-refined archetypes of their kind, fabricated in the finest materials, and manufactured with high standards of expertise and craft.” To that end, Fisher (pictured) wears a wool blend jacket and slim fit cotton T-shirt. Chill night or no, Fisher embodies a collection that demands endless playback.

Visit to see collection in full.

Credits include: Client, Zara; Collection, Origins “Play It Again”; Photography, Bynt; Styling, Marq Rise; Director of photography, Evan Prosofsky; Production, We Own The City.