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Indya Brown is a fashion editor and writer based in Los Angeles and New York. After studying political science and Japanese history at Columbia University in New York, she decided to take another path and pursue her lifelong dream of working at a fashion magazine. A few years later, Indya became fashion editor for New York Magazine’s The Cut, where she styled for the title’s print issues and wrote stories showcasing her love for discovering new voices on the creative scene. Following a move to Los Angeles, Indya started creating content that reflected her finely tuned taste and eye that she developed over the years working in the industry. Throughout her career, Indya has remained dedicated to highlighting diverse voices and figures shaping the creative scene across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and design. Her content reflects her unique editorial perspective, where she shares her favorite emerging designers, unique travel experiences, and her life working as a fashion editor. In addition to being a creator and sharing her travels, Indya runs a design platform called Faire Plaisir which curates pieces designed by emerging, women-owned home decor brands.