Luis Carlos Zaragoza
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Luis Carlos Zaragoza is a Mexican-American influencer and content creator based between Los Angeles and New York City. In “Fruitcake” studio, Luis along with his partner, create and develop food and drink recipes and test out emerging and trending food products. Luis’ content explores food based travel and restaurant recommendations and reviews, ranging from fine dining to street food. As a Pratt Institute Film graduate, Luis focuses on creating narratives with a culinary subject. He also curates his cooking tools as meticulously as his ingredients, he aims to inspire others to have a more design oriented kitchen, where the dinnerware is just as important as the food served on it. He believes every meal can feel like a dinner party, even if it's just for a party of one! Through “Fruitcake Studio” Luis has partnered with major food, clothing, and lifestyle brands. His recent collaborations include recipe development for Amazon, Lisa Says Gah, Hawthorne, and restaurant curation for American Express and Resy.