Roze Traore
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Roze Traore is a chef, model, and entrepreneur. He creates special dining experiences for clients and well-known brands like The New York Times, Veuve Clicquot, AMEX, and Louis Vuitton. During his childhood, Roze underwent open heart surgery due to a congenital condition. While recovering, he found solace and healing in the kitchen, which sparked his lifelong love for cooking. At 18 years old, Roze enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and later worked in renowned kitchens such as Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad. Having been influenced by diverse cultures and flavors from his travels, Roze has developed a talent for translating high-end fine dining techniques into accessible methods for home chefs. Throughout his career, Roze has been dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds, especially those facing food insecurity. He strives to bring the joy of fresh, delicious food to communities in need.