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22 Jan 2024 / London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Paris

Vilma Sjöberg • Numéro 244

Over the weekend stylist Beth Djian posted the latest Numéro covers to Instagram. “This issue is dedicated to Peace, Serenity, Love and Hope.” Enter Vilma Sjöberg, star of one of these covers by photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Photographed earlier this month in Paris, this beauty cover draws on the creative contributions of hair stylist Odile Gilbert and makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds. Peace, serenity, love, and hope—these are all Vilma.

Vilma’s previous cover for the publication was for Numéro 237 in February of last year.


Credits include: Publication, Numéro Nº244 February 2024; Photography, Jean-Baptiste Mondino; Styling Babeth Djian; Hair, Odile Gilbert; Makeup, Lloyd Simmonds; Casting, Paul Louisor.