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03 Jan 2024 / London, Milan, New York, Paris

Prada Spring 2024

New Year, new Prada campaign. Enter Sascha Alexandra, Selena Forrest, Dominika Paula, Diana Skowron, and Nikki Vrekic, stars of the some 40-plus portraits created by photographer Willy Vanderperre for the women’s Spring 2024 advertising campaign. “These portraits are at once individual and part of a larger body of work. They reflect both the procession of the fashion show itself, and a wider dialogue with fashion as both badge of belonging and marker of personality,” read the campaign statement. Last September Sascha, Selena, Dominika, Diana, and Nikki all featured on the runway show for the women’s spring collection, the latter two being exclusives. The dichotomies of masculine and feminine, light and dark, hard and soft that are central to this collection are rendered faithfully through the cinematic light employed by the Belgian photographer and longtime collaborator and compatriot to co-designer Raf Simons.

Visit to see campaign in full.

Credits include: Client, Prada; Campaign, Women’s Spring 2024; Photography, Willy Vanderperre; Creative direction, Ferdinando Verderi; Styling Olivier Rizzo.