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08 Nov 2023 / London, Milan, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Madrid

Selena Forrest • M Le magazin du Monde 4 November 2023

Never mind Vermeer, this exercise doesn’t involve jewelry worn the lobe or edge of ear. Nah, these pearls are of more substance and so too the subject wearing them. Enter Selena Forrest, cover star of the 4 November 2023 issue of M Le magazin du Monde by photographer Amy Troost and stylist Malina Joseph Gilchrist. This leather story spans 10 pages in crisp black and white. Wearing a silk crêpe top, leather trousers, pearl and resin necklaces, and belts in leather and pearls, all Chanel, Selena (pictured) very much is jeune fille aux perles. Readers needn’t journey to The Hague, Selena’s masterclass will more than suffice.

Credits include: Publication, M Le magazin du Monde 4 November 2023; Title, “Jeune fille aux perles”; Photography, Amy Troost; Styling, Malina Joseph Gilchrist; Creative direction, Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone; Hair, Lucas Wilson; Makeup, Jen Myles; Casting, Julia Lange Casting.