Clara Paget
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British activist, model and actress Clara Paget has captivated fashion and film audiences around the world. Due to Clara’s passionate activism she aligns herself closely as ambassador to Project Zero, a new generation charity focused on protecting and fixing the world’s oceans. Together with renowned scientists and business leaders, Clara is a passionate advocate of the cause. Clara graced the cover of HELLO! Fashion Monthly’s March 2019 issue and due to her stance as an eco campaigner the publication agreed to switch to a plastic alternative for the wrapping of of HELLO! Fashion Monthly as well as all other publications associated with the title. Star of Emmy-nominated Black Sails, the prequel to legendary Treasure Island, Clara played the female lead, Anne Bonny. Clara’s upcoming roles include thriller House Red, a Working Title short entitled Bubble Trap and is set to take on the role of Veronica Lake, a biopic on the actress’ life. Clara has appeared in publications including American, British and Japanese Vogue, LOVE Magazine, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar.